6 Styles of Winter Boots to Try this Season

In the words of Jon Snow, winter is coming. But with the unpredictable nature of good old British weather, isn’t it always? Winter boots are an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe and a good pair will see you through from the very last dregs of summer, the wet and cold days of autumn, the dark and dingy hours of winter, all the way to the first drizzles of spring. So it’s official. Boots are a must-have for women from every walk of life. And these boots were definitely made for walking. So they better tick the following boxes: Comfort ✓ Style ✓ Warmth ✓

Finding a decent pair of winter boots is like finding a good long term boyfriend. Someone who’s going to stick around for ages, be there when you need them the most, and always keep you shielded from the storm. At first there may be blisters (all great relationships have teething problems, right?) but you’ll soon break them in and you’ll eventually realise that they are the perfect fit. If you need some winter style inspiration, here are 6 styles of winter boots to try this season.

Work Boots

Every girl who appreciates comfort needs a pair of Tims. They’re perfect for styling with jeans and a big coat in winter, yet they look just as great with cutoff denim shorts and a check shirt in spring. A versatile boot that will last for years.

The Ankle Boot

The ankle boot is an all year round staple. But it winter, this boot really comes into its own and like a diligent worker, it works around the clock. With jeans, with leggings, with skirts or dresses, the ankle boot simply looks great. And it’s perfectly designed to complement both a casual and a dressy wardrobe. Night or day, the trusty ankle will keep your toes warm!

The Biker Boot

Perfect for day to day casual styling, biker boots are easy to slip on when you’re heading out and if you opt for the high tech outdoor brands over fashion brands, you’ll get the benefits of waterproofing too. Essential for those rainy days.

The Knee High

There's something incredibly seductive about knee high boots. They add instant glam to any outfit and they're perfect for those cold winter nights when you're going 'out' out. Warm, easy to wear, but still dressy at the same time.

Fur / Shearling Boots

When it’s freezing cold outside, nothing else will do but a pair of Uggs. These kind of boots are not designed to be heavy duty though so don’t be leaving the house in them when it’s raining. But they’re ideal for walking your pet poodle on a dry winter’s day.

Snow Boots

For ski chalet chic, you can’t beat a good pair of snow boots. Best thing is, they’re super practical too. To be Chamonix-ready, shop at Snow + Rock or Sorel Footwear and for overstated glamour, shop at Moschino.

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