Fitfam Fashion: Designer Style for the Gym

Do you believe that “the only bad workout was the one that didn’t happen”? Does your smartphone autocomplete on hashtags such as #beastmode, #legday, and #gymlife? Have you posted a ‘gelfie’ in the last 24 hours? If this sounds like you then you’re probably a #FitFam regular. And if you’re a part of the fam, you’ll know the importance of looking and feeling good every single day. Whilst the majority of gym goers see exercise as a means to an end, you see exercise as a way of life. And thus, your focused lifestyle needs a superior wardrobe to match your needs. From designer labels to niche names that only other members of #FitFam would know about, here are some of the biggest brands in men’s gymwear right now.

Under Armour

Under Armour is every man’s gym and exercise staple. From solid compression shorts and efficient base layers for running to high tech shoes for hiking or mesh panel tank tops for powerlifting, this popular sportswear label has every type of sport or fitness activity covered.

Pursue Fitness

Clothing made with max movement in mind! As its namesake, Pursue Fitness encourages everyone to be more active, hit the gym more often, and work harder to cut and shred. Because the clothes are designed right here in the UK, the collections are up to facing the elements. Any climate, any season. So there’s no excuse not to work out all year round. Some of the latest high tech designs include the Hybrid Tapered Bottoms (made with insulation and breathability) and the Hybrid Jacket for all weather use.


Sporting MyProtein gym gear is the ultimate #FitFam statement. A badge of honour. A sign that you’re a part of the clan. If your cupboard is always fully stocked with their protein bars and creatine, then it’s time to check out their core collection of gym clothing too. A serious wardrobe must-have if you spend at least 60% of your spare time bulking up or working out.


Like MyProtein, USN offer everything from Whey powder to gymwear. They even share protein packed recipes on their blog, so the whole brand is fully immersed into the #FitFam lifestyle. They’re trusted leaders in sports nutrition and they live by a #ChallengeYourself ethos.

Gold’s Gym

As one of the most famous gyms in the world, it was only a matter of time before they released their own gymwear line. And today, Gold’s Gym fitness gear can be seen in gyms and weightlifting rooms all over the world.

Björn Borg

You’re #FitFam through and through, but you’re also a bit of a hipster. You’ve got the boulders, but you’ve got the beard too. This is where the tennis star inspired sports brand, Björn Borg, slots seamlessly into place.

Iffley Road

Think #gymlife but without the hashtag. You’re eating clean, lifting mean, and running 10k a day. But you don’t need the ‘likes’ of approval on social media. This is probably your favourite brand’s older brother, a more sophisticated take on men’s fitness wear. And British crafted to perfection. Made with soft fabrics that are kind to the skin combined with high tech moisture wicking and breathability, it’s certainly got the designer seal of approval.
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