Male Hipster Anatomy: 7 Things That Make You Hipster

A true hipster rarely self-proclaims. But the likelihood is, he is very well aware of his ways. In fact, he knows whilst pretending not to. He tries but acts effortless. He follows trends but claims to boycott them. That’s right. It’s all smoke and mirrors (plus a collection of hats and beard combs). The male hipster is one of the most highly curated walking fashion statements of our time. And everything he does, says or wears sets the standard for what’s cool.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying “I prefer their older albums”, ordered a flat white with almond milk, lost track of time filtering your food photos, or participated in Movember outside of November, you’re probably a hipster. And whilst you like to be different, there are some clichés that you will never escape. These fashion items have become iconic to the hipster world. Here are the top 7 things in your wardrobe / style repertoire that will make you look authentically hipster.

The Beard

If you can’t grow one, you’ve got a bit of a handicap. Because a beard is a signature feature of being hipster. The next best thing is long, unkempt hair or stubble. Whatever you do, just make sure you groom without looking ‘groomed’.

The Glasses

Embracing poor eyesight is in and wearing contacts is out. So if you’re short-sighted or long-sighted, dig out those old frames. If you’re neither of those things, non-prescription lenses are available at most opticians. Or sunglasses make a great alternative to prescription specs.

The Beanie

Hats are hipster. Any hats. All hats. But one of the most defining looks of the moment is the simple, humble beanie. Hipster culture brought this winter accessory back from the dead. Because when styled with glasses and a semi-groomed (but not too groomed) beard, it's perfectly alternative.

The Bow Tie

One of the most stylish trends in men’s fashion and a great way to style up a basic outfit or transform smart/casual into formal. The growth of the hipster subculture has given the classic bow tie a new lease of life and there are many contemporary prints to choose from.

The Camera

Not strictly a fashion accessory but just as relevant. Carrying a camera around with you (especially a compact DSLR) seems to be the thing to do. Get a stylish strap and wear it across your chest or have it poking out of your bag in a vegan café. Just to confirm you belong.

The Turn Ups

Turn up your jeans, allow your jazziest socks to peek out, and let your shoes (probably vintage brogues or Doc Martens) take the limelight. For vertically challenged fellas, turn ups can also be very flattering and give you adjustability of leg length.

The Pipe

With the grandad pipe (walking stick optional), hipsters have made smoking cool again. Fear of over-saturation has caused hardcore hipsters to move away from this trend now. But it’s still a pretty iconic fashion item that gives you instant hipster recognition.
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