Microbags - the Downsized Darlings of Designer Handbags

One of the biggest trends of the moment is actually very small. When it comes to style and impact, we’re talking huge. When it comes to physics, we’re talking teeny tiny. The trend we’re discussing here is the birth of microbags. The miniature versions of the most wanted designer handbags around! And we don’t just mean a cute clutch, or a cross body version of your favourite tote. We mean your favourite tote reduced down to half the size. With the same details, same features, same proportions and exact like-for-like hardware. Just different dimensions and a different price tag. Oh, and of course, a totally different experience when it comes to storing all of life’s accessories. For those who want a designer bargain, microbags will answer your prayers. But for those who would rather carry more than one lipstick around, microbags are not exactly practical.

Practicalities aside, the era of big bags is over. So get used to travelling with nothing but your keys and your phone. Here are some of our favourite microbags of the moment.

Mulberry Lily (Mini)

Available in three sizes, the Mulberry Lily has become something of a cult fashion item. The mini version makes Mulberry more affordable to the masses and it comes in a range of colours and leather finishes. The miniature also has the same versatility as the larger versions, allowing you to wear as a short shoulder bag or a cross body bag with the extended strap.

Sophie Hulme Compton

Cut directly from the famous Albion silhouette, this downsized darling is cuteness personified. It’s still a pricey buy and far from a bargain, but it’s definitely a stand-out piece that will have heads turning.

Fendi Micro Baguette

This has been one of the most popular microbag designs. Complete with furry eyebrows and an adorable face, the Micro Baguette cross body bag by Fendi is full of fun. It’s a light-hearted creation that doesn’t take itself too seriously!

Stella McCartney Tiny Falabella

Downsized from the iconic Falabella, this teeny tiny version is a handbag classic. And just like its big sister, the Tiny Falabella can be carried in a number of different ways. So although it doesn’t hold a great deal, it’s at least extremely versatile.

Michael Kors Selma Mini

Mapped on the original and highly popular Selma handbag, the Selma Mini is the most affordable microbags of the moment. And the even better news (other than the price tag) is that it fits a fair bit more than your standard miniature – there’s even enough room for a small compact umbrella!
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