Trainer Brands You Need to Watch this Year

Kicks have always been a hot commodity in men’s fashion. Long before the first ever official men’s runway launched by the British Fashion Council in conjunction with London Fashion Week in 2012, the male fashion community looked to the sneaker for style validation. And long before there were meggings and manbags or the manifestation of moustaches and manbeards, male fashion was all about the sneaker. It still is. Above all the noise and hype, there’s a trend that will never fade with the times. Trainers will always take the leading role in the narrative of men’s fashion. And with the inexorable rise of ‘athleisure’ and sports luxe, 2017 is set to see even more trainer brands step into the limelight. If you don’t know about these already, you need to. Here are the trainer brands to watch out for this year.

Common Projects

#commonprojects original #achilles in putty nappa leather

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Minimal luxury is where it’s at. This New York sneaker brand delivers simple style, clean cut lines, muted hues, and seriously elegant silhouettes. The original Achilles trainer is a divine depiction of what the Common Projects brand believes in. You won’t find any bells 'n' whistles here. Just pureness and simplicity.


Full name Buddy Happy, this cheery Japanese trainer brand makes it their aim to “make you happy”. Yes, that really is the company’s mantra. The brand believes that the shoes you wear have the ability to alter your mood. Tapping into awesome colour psychology, this trainer brand focuses on delivering simple, elegant design with a rainbow of colours. You’ll be able to find a hue for every personality in a typical Buddy store…

Athletics Propulsion Labs

Heating up ? #APL

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There’s no time for messing about with Athletics Propulsion Labs. They make athletic footwear for men (and women) and you’ll be hard pressed to find any part of these trainers that are not scientifically sound. Engineered to combine performance, technology and style, these high-tech beauties are made for runners. With athleisure being such a huge trend for 2017, these kicks are a must.

Filling Pieces

Founded by Guillaume Philibert back in ’09, these stylish sneaks have been around for a while. Amsterdam based (automatic cool) and tipping on the scale of high end, Filling Pieces is a footwear brand that integrates streetwear with fine Italian soles. Quality materials come first so naturally, comfort follows. Your feet will thank you.


If you haven’t heard of the shoe brand Buttero yet, you need to get acquainted. Buttero footwear has been around since 1974 but in recent years, their trainers have been causing a bit of a sartorial stir. Particularly with any beard growing, bow tie donning hipsters who love handmade and ethically sourced products. Buttero hails from Tuscany in Italy and is best known for using locally sourced vegetable-tanned leather, which is said to age beautifully with wear. Like a fine wine or George Clooney, Buttero boots only get better looking with time.

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