Mainstream fashion brand. Fast fashion.

We only create fashion products that we want to wear ourselves.

Afterparty is starting life with a collection of ‘fresh-faced’, minimalist watches that'll hopefully inspire you to wear one with a different outfit. We've gone for simplicity (always), along with some of the best looking big faces, on trend bold designs for men and women.

We like chic.

Universal, understated, modern.

We create styles that stay relevant.

We're not necessarily swayed by passing trends but try to stay timeless.

We like effortless, though we're not afraid to put the hours in. We love luxury, yet we insist on value.

In Spring/Summer 2018 you'll see the launch of our next collection (clothing/accessories), inspired by the same stuff we get excited about now.

We’re so grateful for all the attention we’ve had over the years personally and want to give back in some way.