Afterparty® is a London born fashion brand, created for lovers of beautiful accessories and style minimalism. Made for the well-dressed, sociable crowd who want easy ways of building a cultivated wardrobe to fit in with their busy lifestyles. At the heart of our brand is a strong focus on design; the way a piece looks is very important to us. Yet, we’re all about affordability and we’ll never take ourselves too seriously.

The brand is here to strike a balance between the polar worlds in fashion. We are inspired by trends, but always stay timeless. We like effortless, but work tirelessly on the details. We channel a sense of luxury, yet we insist on value. More importantly though, we draw inspiration from life, music, fashion and culture from all around us, but we only create fashion products that we want to wear ourselves.

Our end look is universal, understated and modern. With a spirit synonymous with high-end British and European design concepts. But price tags that match the high street. 

To kick off, we are starting life with a collection of ‘fresh-faced’, minimalist watches that will hopefully inspire you to wear one with each different outfit. We've gone for simplicity (always), along with some of the best looking big faces and on trend, bold designs for men and women. This debut range is our very first chapter and the quintessence of our brand; accessories you can wear with confidence, whatever the party, event or occasion.

In Spring/Summer 2022, you'll see the launch of our next collection of clothing and accessories, inspired by the same stuff we get excited about now.